Tonyita Hopkins professional work history, personal and volunteer experience comprises over 20 years of customer relation management, community outreach, networking, identifying resources, building and maintaining relationships with donors, sponsors, community partners and connecting individuals and organizations with resources. She specializes in interfacing with the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated population. Tonyita is also highly effective in sales, conflict resolution, crisis management, event planning, team building, and creating and facilitating interactive presentations. This experience has equipped Tonyita to provide a well rounded quality of service and win-win solutions in her current role as a Community Engagement Manager at The Securus Foundation. Her primary focus is successful creation, implementation, ongoing administration and management of social impact campaigns and all community engagement activities. Tonyita is a passionate community servant, who believes everyone deserves a second chance and counts it a privilege and honor to inspire, encourage, establish and maintain relationships to educate the community, build awareness and connect individuals and organizations with viable services and partnerships that will help them effectively serve their communities.