The Securus Foundation reentry programs are the core work that we accomplish. We provide 3 programs that support individuals in reformation, their families, and the communities they will re-enter:

Exodus Planner is a digital platform that provides a collective group of community partners and/or government service providers with the ability to manage community resources, programs, and events! The recommended market for the Exodus Planner tool is one that is intentionally inclusive and supports total community engagement, at the County or State level.

R.E.A.L. Workshop

The R.E.A.L. Workshop is an interactive session taught by a diverse group of justice involved individuals and/or family members that provides the opportunity to share experiences from many different perspectives. The people who created and teach this workshop include women and men who are formerly incarcerated and are now home and on the right track, people who have never been incarcerated but have been affected in some way by the justice system, mothers of incarcerated men, children of incarcerated parents, and law enforcement professionals who have worked in the justice system.
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R.E.A.L. Community Event

R.E.A.L. stands for Reaching Community Awareness, Community Engagement, Community Accountability & Leadership

The reentry program is developed and taught by people who have been impacted by and work in the justice system so that the community has a better understanding of the significance of the role they play in the reentry process.