Ghia Ridley Hobbs’ lifelong passion of helping those caught in the Criminal Justice system, began at age  seven; the first time she went to work with her dad (a Warden of a Maximum Security Institution and a pioneer of reentry). There she met good people who made poor decisions and repeatedly found themselves back in custody. She determined very early, reducing recidivism through effective reentry was her calling and the key to successful community reintegration.

Twenty-plus years of service in the field of Criminal Justice (Adult and Juvenile) has earned her the reputation of Dedication, Commitment, Integrity and Excellence. Ghia’s endless quest draws her to  positions and organizations, aligned with her goal of empowering and improving lives of the formerly incarcerated. They include Aftercare Reentry Specialist, Case Manager, Court Liaison, Gender Responsive Specialist, Behavioral Health Director, Trainer, Corrections Auditor, Corrections Consultant, Project Manager, Reentry Program Developer, Chief Operating Officer (The Ridley Group and Associates, LLC) and Founder of the WBR Empowerment Legacy Foundation, Inc.

Consistent with her passion for Reentry, April 2020 Ghia joined the Securus Foundation as The Justice Agency Engagement Director responsible for educating, contracting and managing the implementation of programs and services in partnership with Justice Agencies dedicated to the goal of successful reintegration!

Ghia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice North Carolina State University, a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Bowie State University, and a National Certification in Anger Management and Domestic Violence from the National Anger Management Association.