Charlotte Calhoun has nearly a decade of experience working with children ages 4 to 15. Mentoring at-risk youth for a faith-based organization in her capacity as Youth Director and assisting children in the local school districts Special Education program. Additionally, during spare time, she has a history of volunteering at local non-profits that cater to homeless mothers and children.

Ms. Calhoun joined the Securus Foundation team in 2019 as Executive Assistant and Office Manager, and is now the Programs Assistant. She brings a unique perspective as an advocate for children with incarcerated parents. This is an area of not only empathy for her, but of personal experience. Her father spent 12 years of her childhood incarcerated. Charlotte understands the value of sharing her family’s journey with at-risk youth and incarcerated parents, in the hopes of helping them cope with their physical separation and the long-term effects of incarceration.