About The Securus Foundation


Welcome. We’re so glad you’re here. 

The Securus Foundation exists to make our communities a little safer and our country a little more proud every day. We do it by helping justice involved persons to have the mentality and tools they need to re-enter society, hopeful while they work towards becoming successful. People can change. People can be reformed. Re-formed. Literally, to be formed again; to change shape; to be re-made; to become something new.

The Securus Foundation exists for the sole purpose of helping them complete their transformation. And we’d like to think that you believe in that work just as much as we do. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you have good news, please don’t hesitate to share. And if you have a desire to help justice-involved persons be productive, please don’t hesitate to give.

Now that you know more about The Securus Foundation, will you join us?

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect justice agencies to their communities with technology and processes that provide a demonstrable reduction in recidivism.

Our Vision

Our vision is to modernize the re-entry process to increase successful community reengagement.

Our Principles and Beliefs

We exist to improve the lives of returning citizens and their families.

We will collaborate with all communities that want to establish or improve their reentry process(es).

We will support all demonstrable progressive efforts to address reentry barriers.

We believe there must be standards and accountability for programs that are supposed to assist returning citizens.

We believe that technology should play a larger role in preparing transitioning citizens, where appropriate.

Our efforts are motivated by results not profits.

We believe exposure to and completion of positive programming can lead to self-actualization.

We exist to raise awareness and generate support to address the societal challenge of reentry.

We believe that there is a moral and economic imperative to reducing recidivism.

We believe recidivism is beyond a “corrections problem”, it is a community problem.

We believe that total community engagement is necessary to successfully influence reentry activities.

If our work only helped one person, it would be worth every penny and every second. Thankfully, it helps a lot more than that.